Come and Visit

I’ve got a new website, where you’ll find writing, history, books, and weird words… come and visit!




Book Release & Reading: The Agony of St. Alice

Come one, come all! The third book in the Lizzie Saunders series, The Agony of St. Alice, will be held on October 19 at the Cumberland Museum & Archives, starting at 7 pm. Come and join us! Bring friends! Let’s talk BC history, Victorian medicine, a little bit of murder, and a whole lot of writing!


Some Sweet Sweet Sounds

We’ve been filming a lot lately — lots of fun stuff, cool stuff, stuff that makes me want to take up Burlesque and astrophysics all at the same time. Stuff to sink your eyeballs into and wrap your ears around. Stuff that makes the world seem like a happy place, full of creativity!

Animals of Canada

ONE: I’ve started a podcast for 2017, and I hope you’ll join me over at Animals of Canada for some sweet & savoury & salty stories, straight into your ears.


TWO: I’m writing articles now-and-again for the Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, so pop over there from time to time to brush up on your end-of-the-world skills. You’ll find me under codename “Skookum”.

THREE: I have a short story included in Hic Dragones’ upcoming anthology, Nothing, and from the looks of things, it’s going to be a wonderful collection. “Bleak and disturbing tales”… sign me up! 🙂

FOUR: We’ve been busy over at Fox&Bee filming promotional and educational work for our clients, but the blizzard and power outages gave us a little time to slow down, write by candle light, and check out how well the camera films in low light. We hope you’re having a wonderful and creative winter!


Well, here we are. We should be proud of ourselves — after all, we’ve made it this far, and the year looks promising. Already, the days are getting longer and the nights don’t seem so dark, and even though the snow is falling outside my window as I type this, the wind doesn’t seem so bitterly cold.

There’s just a hint – just the barest whisper – of spring in the air.

So Happy New Year, if I haven’t already wished you that. Let’s make our next trip around the sun so fun-filled, so gleeful, so adventurous, so sweet, that by this time next year, we’ll be gasping to catch our breath, grinning madly, and our hearts bursting with joy.

Talking about all those lovely things.

One drizzly November morning, I sat down to a Skype conversation with the lovely Hannah Kate. Now, Hannah wears many hats, and one of those hats is as a presenter for North Manchester FM. She and I have shared email correspondence for years, as (under another hat) her small press Hic Dragones published my novel The Tattooed Wolf, but we have never actually spoken – words, sounds, jokes, stories, tangents, all those lovely things.

The interview was scheduled to take two hours. We didn’t even start recording for the first hour — we just chatted as if we’d known each other forever, trading tales of fireworks and Guy Fawkes and strange neighbours, and suddenly realized that time was passing quickly, and we were having so much fun that we hadn’t even noticed.

So Hannah started recording, and the conversation shifted to books, werewolves, landscapes, nature, murder, and my choice of reading for the Apocalypse. Good times! The interview was broadcast this morning on North Manchester FM, and I haven’t listened to it yet, but if you’re here because you heard us talking… Welcome!

Conversely, if you haven’t heard the interview yet, then you (and I) will be able to find it at the North Manchester Listen-Again site.

We continued to chat after we’d recorded the two-hour interview, and I’m sure we’ll have more conversations in future. I think it’s a magical thing, when two people race straight past the awkward small-talk to have a real, funny, inspiring conversation, and while we’ve known each other for years and years, I’m really happy we finally met!