Dear Summer…

I think it’s time for us to say good-bye.

Don’t think I don’t still love everything you had to offer. You were full of surprises. It was fun. Every single day was a new adventure, and I never knew quite what to expect. Sometimes we were lazy and spent the whole afternoon reading fantasy novels in the hammock under the apple tree. Sometimes we worked hard at making beautiful things. We explored new trails together, wrote beautiful poetry, and made all our friends jealous. You kept me on my toes. It was glorious. You were so full of hope and optimism, and a little bit crazy. Not really crazy, of course. Just a comfortable amount of crazy.

But everything has an end, and I think this is ours.

I respect you, so I’ll be honest. I’m seeing someone new.

Autumn has been hanging around my back door, making promises, and I’m intrigued. Cool nights? Changing leaves? Even a pumpkin spice latte? Yeah, I’ve been seduced.

But I hope we can still be friends, Summer. Maybe it’s time for us to explore new places and discover new things about ourselves. Maybe you could head south of the equator for a few months — I hear Australia is beautiful this time of year.

Love and kisses,



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