My Books & Publications

Behold! A list of selected novels and anthologies with which I have been involved! For more information or to purchase these books, please click on the title. 

The Tattooed Wolf smallttw

Morris Caufield thought he’d seen it all — until the moment Dan Sullivan walked into his office. Dan needs a divorce lawyer he can trust, and he thinks Morris is the man for the job. The thing is, Dan wants Morris to represent his wife. Who tried to kill him. Twice. And as if that wasn’t enough, Dan expects Morris to buy some crazy story about werewolves…


smallbobBucket of Blood

Lizzie’s mother is dead, and left in the care of her prim older sister, the 15-year-old fears her carefree ways are over.  But when tragedy strikes her small community in the summer of 1898, Lizzie discovers a sinister web of lies and deception, of murders past and present. Fierce resentments and racial tensions boil beneath the illusion of civilization. Soon, Lizzie finds herself ensnared in a secret that stretches from the opium dens of British Columbia and the alleys of San Francisco to the jungles of Panama and beyond — and it’s a secret that the murderer will do anything to protect.


14_08_Magpie_Cover_front_6x9Mark of the Magpie

When Lizzie Saunders and Chen Shaozhu arrive in the port city of Victoria, BC, she dares to imagine a place where they can enjoy a happy future together. With the help of the cantankerous Mr. Fish, Lizzie begins to cultivate friendships: she volunteers with an amateur theatre group, studies medicine, tends the garden, and settles into a comfortable life of social engagements and high tea. But the crimes of her family can not be completely forgotten, no matter how hard she pretends to be normal. When a gruesome murder stirs up ghosts from her past, someone – or something – begins to haunt her through the city’s dark alleys, seedy taverns, wharves and opium dens. Is it her imagination, her guilty conscience, or a killer who knows her secret?


Selected Anthologies containing Short Stories by K. Bannerman

smallgewThe Girl at the End of the World Vol. 2

“Across two volumes, The Girl at the End of the World offers forty-one striking visions of the apocalypse and the women and girls dealing with it. From gods to zombies, from epic to deeply personal, from the moment of impact to a future where life is long forgotten; bestselling authors and exciting new writers deliver tales you’ll still remember when holed up in a fallout shelter with one remaining bullet and a best friend with a suspicious bite mark on their neck.”


100-stories-cover-Cover-copySMALLER1-200x300100 Stories for Queensland

100 Stories for Queensland is a charity anthology created to assist the victims of the 2010-2011 Queensland floods. All profits from the sale of the anthology are donated to the Queensland Premier’s Relief Appeal.


shes-shameless-stacey-may-fowles-megan-griffith-green-207x300She’s Shameless Anthology

“With wit and honesty, the writers share stories of their teen experiences (both positive and negative) on everything from pop culture to high school principals. The book is founded on Shameless magazine’s tradition of smart, sassy, honest and inclusive writing that reaches out to young female readers who are often ignored by mainstream: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of colour, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists and activists.”


paraspheres1Paraspheres: Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary and Genre Fiction

With Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist stories by 44 literary and genre authors, the anthology explores non-realistic artistic fiction that reviewers called “bold, haunting, and remarkable”.   


For the full list of publications, articles, and literary sundry that I’ve dabbled my fingers in, have a look at my curriculum vitae, which is Latin for ‘a list of stuff I did‘.


4 thoughts on “My Books & Publications

  1. HI Kim, I really enjoyed Buckets of Blood and The Mark of the Magpie. I would like to send you an email to your email re the two books if I may. Tks, gordon

    • Hi Emma! Right now, there’s only two: ‘Bucket of Blood’ and ‘Mark of the Magpie’, but I’m working on the third and hope to have it out soon. 🙂 Happy reading!

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