Some Sweet Sweet Sounds

We’ve been filming a lot lately — lots of fun stuff, cool stuff, stuff that makes me want to take up Burlesque and astrophysics all at the same time. Stuff to sink your eyeballs into and wrap your ears around. Stuff that makes the world seem like a happy place, full of creativity!


Sharing is Caring, My Friends

It’s been a rollicking sort of autumn, full of exciting twists and turns. And whenever it gets a little too exciting, I head into the woods, where the gentle sounds of ravens and rainwater and the wind in the trees¬†soothes my heart and calms my mind.

But what happens when hiking through nature is part of the job? Absolute bliss, that’s what.

Back in September, we filmed a new documentary-style video¬†for the Cumberland Community Forest Society, which is currently working hard to save a forest. With only 9 months left to raise $1.2 million required to purchase the land from the logging companies, this little village is gritting its teeth. It’s rolled up its sleeves. It’s doing all it can: parties, marathons, bike races, trivia nights, silent auctions, and a massive campaign to raise awareness. And while it’s doing all these things, the organization is building a lot of excitement and a strong sense of community, too. I’ve never been a part of such a vibrant, gutsy, close-knit, passionate and driven crowd of people.

We filmed a cross-section of the group, explaining what the Cumberland Community Forest Society is and what our goals are. Have a look, and please share widely, and if you’re looking for a fantastic spot to visit for an afternoon walk, come and join us in the woods.